6 Easy Winter Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Winter Wonderland

Everyone knows that the holidays are a stressful time; balancing shopping, social events, parties, decorating, cooking, and time with your family can feel like a lot. Social pressure might make you feel like you’re trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” but the reality is that the holidays don’t have to make you a nervous wreck. While there may be no way around the madness of holiday shopping, there are a number of ways to simplify your winter decorating.

Getting your home ready for the holidays doesn’t need to feel like a chore. With just a little bit of planning, anyone can turn their house into a winter wonderland for the holidays. So, let’s take a look at 6 easy ways to decorate your home for winter:

Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Winter Decorating Ideas

Some of the easiest way to decorate your home are inexpensive and fun for the whole family. While some of the more “DIY” options may still require you to purchase a few materials, many of our tips can be done at virtually no cost to you! We’ll start off our list with one of the most popular winter decorations: The Winter Wreath.

Winter Wreath

A wreath is essentially just a circular decoration made from an assortment of branches, leaves, or flowers.  Wreaths are great decorations for both fall and winter. So, if you already have wreaths up as part of your autumn decorating, you can save time and money by repurposing them for the winter holidays!

Winter Decorating Ideas

Winter wreaths are typically made from evergreens, pine branches, or holly leaves and berries. Depending on the type of foliage in your area, you may be able to find one or more of these materials in your own yard. If not, craft stores often stock artificial versions in bulk. Whether you choose to purchase a winter wreath or make your own from scratch, they look great on doorways, fireplaces, or hanging in any centered position around your home!


Miniature Winter Scene

Do you have a flat surface that’s lacking in holiday cheer? There are plenty of ways to brighten up an empty table, tv stand, or mantle, but a miniature winter scene is one of the best ways to draw the eye and impress your guests. However, unless you’re particularly gifted with arts and crafts, a miniature winter scene may require a few items that most people won’t have lying around the house.

Winter Decorating Ideas

But what is a miniature winter scene? Really, a miniature scene can be whatever you want it to be! You can include miniature houses, pine trees, “snow,” Christmas-themed figurines, and much more. If you have the materials, you can even make an entire winter village!


The garland is a holiday tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Similar to winter wreaths, garlands can be made of branches, leaves, or even artificial materials. However, garlands are generally much longer, and are not formed into a circular shape. Instead, they are hung along stairwells, tables, mantles, or above doors.

Unlike winter wreaths, garlands might be difficult to make on your own, unless you’re willing to get creative with your craft materials. If you’re looking to add a garland to your Christmas tree, it is not uncommon to use a string decorated with pieces of popcorn. That said, a green or even silver garland is much more versatile, and can brighten just about any room in the house.

Winter Centerpiece

It’s always good to have a centerpiece for family get-togethers and other special occasions. However, winter centerpieces put a whole new spin on your tabletop decorations. With a winter centerpiece, you can include things like pinecones, mistletoe, greenery, poinsettias, or other floral materials.

Generally, you can use any kind of bowl or container as the base of your centerpiece, but some people forego the container entirely. Thankfully, centerpieces allow you to get really creative. There’s no one-size-fits-all design, so the possibilities are endless!


Candles are useful if the power goes out, but they also make a great addition to just about any winter decorating design. Whether you want to include a candle as part of your table centerpiece, or line your mantelpiece with them, candles help give your home a warm, welcoming glow. Additionally, they can help you cut down on the electricity bill!

Luckily, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on candles. You can pick up candles at a reasonable price at many craft stores. As an added bonus, you can get scented candles that fill your house with the smells of the season, like gingerbread, chestnuts, and cinnamon. However, while candles are a great addition to your decorations, you should always be careful not to leave them lit overnight. If you’re concerned about the potential fire hazard, consider using electric candles instead.

Faux Fur

It can get extremely cold around the holidays, especially if you live in Pennsylvania or other states in the north east. Many winter-themed designs focus on items, colors, and scents that make your home feel warm and toasty in contrast to the bitter cold outside. Faux fur is yet another way to make your family, friends, and guests feel comfortable and relaxed, even when the temperature drops below freezing.

You can pick up faux fur blankets at most large chain retailers, and they are significantly cheaper than real fur. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed! Drape your faux fur blankets over your sofa or loveseat as a way to add additional coziness to your sitting area.

While the holidays can be a bit stressful at times, this time of year should ultimately bring you peace and tranquility. It is a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, preferably in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Winter decorating is a great way to amplify your holiday spirit, impress your guests, and turn your house into a winter wonderland for the whole season!

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