Why You Should Advertise On Facebook!

Facebook is the titan of all social media, the first and the greatest, boasting over 1 billion active users! People use Facebook for a wide variety of reasons, to stay connected with old friends and family, to join groups of like-minded people who share their interests, and to buy things! As it turns out, Facebook is a fantastic place to market your goods and services, with a billion potential customers you can’t go wrong!

The world of commerce has swiftly moved its main base of operations to the internet, and any company that hopes to succeed in any kind of business simply must have a presence there, and Facebook’s incredibly active site is a great place to start! If you are interested in advertising on Facebook you should get in touch with the experts, just contact https://kingkong.co/au/conversion-rate-optimisation-agency/, a cutting-edge business scaling platform that guarantees you awesome results!

Here is a little bit more about why Facebook is a fantastic place to do business:

Affordable Ads – Facebook offers some of the lowest advertising rates on the planet. While traditional print media ads in newspapers and magazines are quite costly, Facebook gives you everything they do and more, for less! When you set up a Facebook ad you have the option to limit exactly how much you want to spend on CPC (clicks per view), making your ad extremely cost-effective. Compared to other forms of advertising, Facebook is a really sweet deal! 

Connect With Your Target Market – Remember those 1 billion users? Yes, they are waiting to hear from you! Social media is the place to be, and Facebook does social media the best, so get on board! Facebook’s massive popularity is your opportunity to market your goods in a positive, exciting environment that’s guaranteed to attract the people who want to buy them!

The Buyer Journey – People go on a journey when they decide to buy something, and Facebook allows you to interact with them every step of the way. 

It begins with ‘Awareness’, the potential customer learns about your product by seeing your ads and wanting to find out more. 

Next is ‘Consideration’, the potential customer visits your page to view the product, and weighs the benefits of making a purchase.

The journey ends with ‘Decision’ when the potential customer either moves on or moves from ‘potential’ to ‘customer’ by making a purchase!

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