Unlocking the Power of Cannabis: Finding Your True Self

We are constantly held back by societal and internal pressures. It’s why so many people hide their true feelings and stay quiet when they’d really like to speak up about something. Though not everyone has a lot of trouble expressing themselves, it is an especially common problem among introverts and those who don’t have a strong connection with their true self.

Some people think that you say how you really feel when you’re drunk. I don’t ascribe to this way of thinking, as everyone has different reactions to alcohol. In any case, alcohol is not something that helps bring you inner peace. On the contrary, alcohol can be a source of destruction and detachment from the universe.

Fortunately, cannabis has (or at least it can have) the opposite effect. Cannabis helps you see yourself as you truly are; no outside influences, no inhibitions, and no detachments from nature or the universe. It brings you peace and harmony, which allows you to connect with yourself on a spiritual and metaphysical level.

Cannabis and the True Nature of Identity

Finding one’s true self and seeking out identity is a natural part of the human experience. Sadly, many people never reach their goals. They pursue them but may stop short for a variety of reasons. For example, a person might grow up with the feeling that they are a man trapped in a woman’s body (or a woman trapped in a man’s body). However, the act of transitioning can be frightening, long, difficult, and even dangerous. Thus, some transgender men and women never fully come out or spend years in denial of their true selves.

So, what does all of this have to do with cannabis? Using cannabis will not give you a guide on how to live your life or show you exactly who you are, but it will open your mind to parts of yourself you might not have known about. Cannabis temporarily takes away the fear of seeing your true self, even if just for a moment. This allows you to view your identity as an outsider looking in, which can ultimately help you live a more fulfilling, peaceful life.

What Can I Do Once I’ve Seen My True Self?

Seeing your true self and finding your identity are not things that happen all at once. They involve a process that can take years (or even a lifetime). However, if you open your mind to all of the possibilities you have within you, you’re already halfway toward embracing your true self and living your life to the fullest. On the path to enlightenment, cannabis is merely a means to an end. It lights the path so that you can take it.

If you’ve tried cannabis in the past, then you know the feeling of stress leaving your body. This is an essential part of the process of embracing your true self. In our daily lives, we accumulate endless amounts of stress that blind us to our connection to the Earth, Nature, and Universe. When that stress is removed, our mind is cleared to see the role we play in it all. So, not only can we understand ourselves better with cannabis, but we can understand how we fit into the fabric of the Universe as well!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on unlocking the power of cannabis! I’d like to reiterate that cannabis is not a cure-all for your problems, nor is it a substance that should be relied upon too heavily. However, in moderation, cannabis is a great way to have a spiritual awakening, get to know your body, strengthen your relationships, and find your true self!

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