Disturbing Acts of David Parker Ray “The Toy-Box Killer” and Cindy Hendy

David Parker Ray - The Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray, “Toy-Box Killer”, was an American dreadful criminal who kidnapped women and raped, tortured and killed them with help of his girlfriend Cindy Hendy. He also made tapes of these activities which has been the cause of disturbance among people. Their horrific acts are to this day dreaded.

David Ray was born on November 6th, 1939 in Mexico. He was raised by an abusive grandfather and he was teased and bullied by his school mates for being excessively shy around girls. He joined the army for some time and later worked as a mechanic. Ray married four times with each of it ending in a divorce. He had two daughters and only one of them lived with them for some time, Jesse Ray Parker, who was also involved with Ray’s wrongdoings. Gradually, he started abducting and torturing people, only young women.

How David Parker Ray Become “The Toy-Box Killer”?

David Parker Ray is more commonly known as, “The toy-box killer”. The Arizona and Mexico police have suspected him to be responsible for sixty deaths. Ray spent $100,000 on a truck trailer. He spent the money to make it sound-proof and he referred to the trailer as the “Toy-box.” Basically, he would bring in young girls, mostly from bars. He would pick a girl with his girlfriend Cindy who was with him in all his shenanigans. After bringing in the girls (their slaves), they would tie them up, strip them of their clothing and play a certain recorded audio tape for them. 

The tapes clearly explained all the details as to why they were here. Ray explained how he picked the girls. He said Cindy and him would pick the young pretty ones and explained the list of extensive rules. The rules included the girls to address Ray and Hendy as ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress’ and he warned them and said that they were only allowed to speak when they were spoken to. He treated them like animals and were fed once a day.

Ray claimed in the tape that he would strongly drug the girls that would cause amnesia and would make them forget the entire incident that had happened to them. He generally kept them for three to four months and he, along with Hendy raped them countless of times. They were whipped and electroshocked and at other times, even cut. The two of them would invite their friends over and have them rape the slave girls as well. They would even make their dogs rape the girls in the presence of an audience that included Ray, Hendy, and their friends. They used it as a sick source of their entertainment.

The Escape

Ray and Hendy were caught when Cynthia Vigil, who was captured by Ray and had been tortured to an extent where she passed out. One day, Ray had accidentally left his keys close to where Vigil was chained and as soon as he went to work, Vigil let herself loose, almost caught by Hendy again, but Vigil was quick enough to strike Hendy and escape. She ran out, covered in blood with a dog collar around her throat, completely naked and ran inside a house and begged for help. The homeowner, shocked and worried, called the police and investigations were made.

It turned out that Ray and Hendy had been doing this for years and they would usually drug the girls and let them go while the ones who were hurt fatally would be dumped in a small river nearby. The trailer, which one officer described as a “toy box,” was full of devices of torture and sadomasochistic equipment, some of which had been designed and built by Ray himself. There was some sort of disturbing item in the trailer: a custom-built gynecological chair with electrodes to inflict electric shocks. Investigators discovered more than mere equipment and they found evidence as well.  

Torture was a Speciality   

The torture gynecology chair was fixed in the center of the trailer and a mirror was mounted on the ceiling so that his victims could see what was happening to them. The floor was filled with whips, straps, leg spreader bars, chains, clamps, pulleys, surgical blades, and saws, as well as various sex toys. There was a wooden structure built in order to place the slaves in certain positions where they were completely immobilized which is where he, his friends and his dogs would rape the girls.

On the walls of the trailer, Ray had many drawings and images that depicted how he and his girlfriend Hendy would torture them. There were various ways of inflicting pain displayed on those walls. During those investigations, the police also found a highly disturbing tape from 1996. There was a terrified woman in the tape that was being raped and tortured by Ray and Hendy. After Vigil’s claims, several other women came forward and testified against Ray.


When Ray was asked why he did it, he said, “It was a source of entertainment for me to create these tapes. That’s why there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the tape stating that it was for adult entertainment only.” Once taken into custody, Cindy Hendy took no time in turning against Ray in a plea deal which was concerned with a reduced sentence. She accepted the deal and talked in exchange for lesser time in prison. She told investigators that Ray had previously told her about the fourteen murders that he had committed and also told about the place where the dead bodies had been dumped. She also told of some of the various ways Ray would torture his victims.

David Parker Ray died on May 28th in 2002, of a heart attack before the interrogation took place. Cindy Hendy was released on July 15th, 2019. She was initially sentenced to thirty-six years of prison but because of the law of the current time, she became eligible for release after serving only half time. The Department of Corrections says that her last two years behind bars counted as her parole and she did not have to report to the state further after July 15th, 2019. This has caused made an unrest among the people and the media as she has been released without parole.