The Snedeker Family and The Funeral Home: Horror, Survival, and ‘Falsification’!

It was 1986. Carmen and Al Snedeker from The Snedeker Family decided to settle in the small Connecticut town of Southington. One of the primary factors in their decision to relocate to Southington was its small size and its tranquility. Finally, They ended up relocating to the area to be closer to the hospital. A true story of horror, survival, and ‘Falsification’ starts with the relocation of the Snedeker family.

It all started with their son been diagnosed with cancer. He was receiving treatment at a hospital that was literally across the street from their home at the time. So, the parents decided that they should relocate to this house for several reasons, the first of which was that they would save money by not having to commute. Two, the cost of caring for their ailing son was becoming prohibitively expensive.

Snedeker House, Southington, Connecticut.

So, the Snedeker family was bound to reduce its expenditure. It appeared that it couldn’t even afford to continue to live in New York any longer. Luckily, an opportunity presented itself to rent a perfect house at a reasonable price. Then, the family jumped at the chance.

That house was large enough for the family of five to live comfortably there. Afterward, Carmen and Al Snedeker took in their niece, who happened to be the child’s cousin as well.

The Beginning of an end!

Thereafter, while they are settling into their new home, they simply unload their belongings. Meanwhile, The father went down to the basement, and it was there that he made an unusual shocking discovery. Then, it appeared as though the basement had been divided into two different rooms. While they were down there, they noticed that there were some tools still lying around.

What were those things?

They eventually realized it was embalming tables and various other instruments. they tried to put the pieces together. They also discovered that the house had previously served as a funeral home. So they take a look at the paperwork and other such things. And they came to the realization that the location was, in fact, a funeral home!

The basement was sectioned into several different little rooms down there. And it was the only room large enough to serve as the two boys’ bedroom. They turned it into a room and made it look nice.

The Basement

Meeting Invisible Strange Fellows!

Carmen, the mother, claims that she began to notice or experience strange things in the house. She stated that things were simply disappearing regularly, which was not a major red flag because living in a house with children means that things disappear and move frequently.

The children then came up to her and informed her that there were strange people in the house, which she confirmed. And now it’s just like, it wasn’t something to be overly concerned about, but it was a nuisance nonetheless. On the other hand, the children claim to have heard voices in the night, assuming that it was just a series of bad dreams, there wasn’t much to consider.
They couldn’t figure out what people were saying, but they could hear them talking and understand what they were saying. It was whispering in my ear. There were sounds like creaking and groaning. Carmen, the mother, would hear the sounds of birds outside the house throughout the day, but they weren’t the typical “caw, caw” sounds that one would expect from a bird..

It sounded like hundreds of caw caws, almost like a swarm of them. However, they were all just around the house, either sitting on the roof or whatever or flying around the house or sitting across the street on the small power line, as was the case. There was a lot of cawing as the birds stared at the home in disbelief.

The Eruption of Abnormalities!

The members of the family began to notice drastic changes in their personalities. During this time, the oldest son was in the middle of receiving radiation treatment. He was undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments. He was also becoming increasingly agitated, withdrawn, and depressed. In contrast to his personality, this was diametrically opposed to him. And it’s like, well, maybe it’s just that he was enraged by what happened after that.

On the other hand, the parents were convinced that it was something much more sinister, perhaps even a demon. The son began to jot down notes. Keeping a journal is a good idea. He was doing something creative, like writing poetry, which is fantastic.

However, after the poetry was read aloud by the family, they realized that it was not romantic and sweet. Instead, it’s not amusing at all. Instead, it was poetry with themes of necrophilia as its subject matter. And if you don’t know, for example, a necrophiliac is someone who has sexual relations with dead bodies.

The son would claim that he heard voices in the middle of the night. The walls were filled with dead bodies stacked on top of one another, which he discovered when he got to his feet to investigate further. Now, of course, he screamed, as would be expected of anyone in his position.

So, when the family came in to, like, find out why the hell he’s screaming, he’s like, look, look at the wall. It seems like all these dead bodies just stacked on top of one another in this wall, and the family, or at least Carmen and his father, didn’t say anything.

The parents acted as if it was no big deal, saying that they would just go back to bed. However, their son could still see all of the dead bodies stacked up against the wall. They concluded that he was most likely experiencing hallucinations as a result of the chemotherapy treatment.

The result is that their unfortunate son grows darker, more depressed, and angrier with each passing day. He was still sleeping in the basement and experiencing bizarre minor occurrences, but there was nothing he could do about it at that point in time. During one of his turbulent episodes, he attacked his cousin and attempted to sexually assault her.

A Weired Sexual Assault and Its Consequences!

The cousins sleeping at the same house as them. Late at night, he sneaks into her bedroom and he tries to rape her. So, of course, like, the family is just really worried. He’s, he’s going through treatment. They feel really bad for him. But then he pulls something off like this where he tries to rape his cousin and it’s like,

They feel bad about calling the cops because he has cancer and other such ailments. He’s going to jail, and he’s got cancer, so they were in a bit of a pickle, to put it mildly. And then he does something genuinely heinous; he tries to rape his cousin, but the family intervenes, and the police are called in to arrest him. The son was then taken into custody and taken to a medical facility for evaluation.

And it was only after he was taken in that he was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was then removed from the house and placed in treatment, where he appeared to make a significant improvement. As a result, they allowed him to return to his home.

The Negative Impact!

Al was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic; that was all he had. As a result, Al, the father, put in a lot of hours. Money was extremely tight at the time. Furthermore, the strain of his family’s demands had taken its toll on him. He was conspicuously absent. He didn’t seem to be interested. And he was fed up with his family making ridiculous claims about something being in the basement, which made him even more irritated.

The family would turn on every single light in the house because it would aid them in their efforts to sleep better during the nighttime. As a result, Al simply went around the room, unscrewing every single light bulb he encountered. As a result, one night, while the rest of the family was sleeping, Carmen and her niece each had a unique experience.

The arrival of a Demon!

Carmen reported that she woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling of a very negative, heavy energy surrounding her and surrounding her. She claims that she couldn’t see anything but that she could feel something instead. And she just felt terrible about the whole thing. Carmen asserts that she then felt cold hands under her pajamas. And it was tugging on her bra straps.

Kelly was the name of the cousin or niece who lived in the house with her. She also stated that she experienced the same sensations as these ghosts. On the other hand, Kelly claims that she was sexually assaulted by the spirit and had a strong sense of an evil presence around her at night. Actually, she was raped by a demon.

Carmen, the mother, has also claimed that the ghost sexually assaulted her as well. She only had a strong sense of an evil spirit. She felt the touch of cold hands on her. And then she had the distinct impression that this ghost, demon, or whatever was having sexual relations with her.

Strangely, then Al, the husband, the alcoholic, claims he was sleeping one night; this is just one of the ways this demon is making his way around. Al said he was sleeping and he felt the same thing. He felt hands on him. And then he said the demon sexually assaulted him too in his butt.

Newly-added ravages!

Carmen stated that she would randomly catch the smell of the rotting flesh and decay throughout the day. She would get a scent of something, and then it would just disappear without a trace. And then, in a matter of seconds, it would simply vanish, with no one else in the house. In other words, it was just like a strong sense that smacked her in the face with sulfur, or egg salad, or a toot.

Consequently, there was one incident in which Carmen was simply mopping the floor and doing some light cleaning. She had her mop bucket, which she had filled with water, and she was sweeping the floor. Just like she was cleaning the kitchen floor. Carmen was astonished; the mop water had turned blood red, the feet had turned blood red, and it appeared as though the mop water had turned to blood. So, now that everything has turned to blood, all of the cleaning Carmen had been doing has gone to a complete halt. Everything has become filthy once more. Carmen screams for the children to come in, and when they arrived, the floor was back to normal. As a result, Carmen is experiencing hallucinations and believes she is going insane.

Carmen claimed to have seen a ghost the following night, this time in person. Previously, it was always about emotions and other such things. The only person who had witnessed anything was the son, who had been in the basement at the time. The bodies are all piled up. Apart from that, no one has ever claimed to have seen the ghost.


The next thing she knows, Carmen has woken up in the middle of the night, and she has that dark feeling surrounding her once more. She did, dramatically, notice something this time. After that, another ghost or whatever appeared, this one with long black hair and black eyes, and then another ghost or whatever appeared. It also had long white hair and white eyes, which added to its appeal. However, after that night, Carmen was convinced that this was the end of her storyline. She eventually contacts Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are known for their controversial paranormal investigations.

A light on the other side of the tunnel!

They had become well-known in the paranormal community by this point. As a result, they contact them in the hopes of receiving assistance. The Warrens, along with a small group of investigators, moved into the house for several weeks, during which time they claimed to have witnessed everything the family claimed to have witnessed.

During their investigation in the house, they claimed to have witnessed firsthand the devastation that these demons were capable of causing. Many team members had been slapped, beaten, or pushed into the floor, among other strange occurrences, while others had had very unusual experiences.

Consequently, these ghost hunters conduct some investigation in the house. They will have to piece together the background and the plot. Furthermore, it is at this point that they learn of a very dark secret: one of the undertakers at the funeral home has been found guilty of necrophilia. This only served to add more fuel to the fire.

As a result of this, the Warrens determined that a full-scale exorcism of the property was required. As a result of this, the Warrens determined that the house had been “cleared.” More to the point, that was supposed to have been the end of the story, but it was not.

Many people who have lived in the house, both before and after the family, have stated that there have never been any evil entities in the home. The family initially claimed that they were unaware that the residence had previously served as a funeral home. On the other hand, the house owner claimed to have informed them that they were lying about that particular incident right away.

It’s time to document the entire plot!

Fortunately, someone on the other side could help them: a horror fiction novelist named Ray Garten, whom the family had contracted to write a book about their experiences. While writing a true story, this writer discovered that the family and the Warrens made it challenging to write a true story, quote-unquote, true story because none of the parties could keep their stories straight. And it seems like everybody was contradicting one another. And then when he went to Ed Warren with the problem because he’s trying to get the book done. The writer agreed. So, he came forward and thought that those people are kind of lying.

There have been other families who have lived in the home before and after that family who have stated that yes, there were occasionally strange, odd noises going on or something, but nothing on the scale that the family has claimed occurred. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it makes for an excellent story.

To this day, throngs of photographers, curious cats, and paranormal enthusiasts descend on the house in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the fabled “House from Hell.” The current owners have reported no paranormal activity, who would like to be left in peace. They are not pleased with the large number of people who are gathering around them.

The Snedeker family stayed in the house for two years after the exercise was completed, and they eventually relocated to Tennessee. The children are now in their twenties. Carmen, the woman who is the mother, and Al ended up divorcing after many years of marriage.
Carmen, on the other hand, is now a spiritual advisor. She also intends to write another book about her experiences, which will be published in the future.

The Snedeker Family

Many people believe that this is all fabricated by the family, for whatever reason. The family maintains their version of events, and no one could say for sure if anything happened in that house. What happened inside this house has been the subject of a couple of books, a Discovery Channel special, and a major Hollywood film, among other things.

Was it a fabrication on the part of the family?

According to the theory, the son was the one who sexually assaulted his mother, father, and cousin, as well as other family members. Because he was ill with cancer, his family did not want him to go to prison. As a result, they covered it up by claiming that ghosts were responsible. Apart from that, they required financial assistance due to the high cost of treatment. These people were having difficulties. Consequently, they reasoned that if they claimed it was ghosts and attempted to sell the story, we might be able to earn some money. Furthermore, that sounds like it could be the case, to be completely honest!

Carmen, the mom, tried to convince her to go along with the story as they needed the money and got to pay all the bills. The son ended up getting better and was cleared from cancer. However, then, at the age of 33 or 34, he passed away because his cancer came back, which is sad.

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