Tarot Card Reading for Spiritual Growth

Tarot Card Reading

Brief History of Tarot Card Reading

What exactly is a Tarot card reading? The earliest known Tarot existed in 1392 from Charles VI in France. The Tarot that we are most familiar with (The Rider-Waite Deck) today has origins in Italy in the early 15th century, from  1422. And it is called the Visconti Deck commissioned by the Duke of Milan.

The Tarot was believed to originally be commissioned in Italy and created as a game called Triump. It is similar to the game of Bridge. Divination with the cards was something that formed out of the use of the cards for games. There are also theories that the Tarot had origins back to Persia, India, and China. 

Many of the images of Tarot card reading are similar to symbols and events in Christianity. That is so Divination could remain covert and could be passed down to future generations. The cards were used in medieval times under the guise of a game, but many aristocratic European families – and even clergy – used the Tarot for Divination.

Tarot card origins

Fortune Telling and Divination was considered heresy and punishable by the law of the land in the 15th century. Today we are blessed to live in freedom and can explore various forms of Divination without worries. 

Code of Ethics

It is the responsibility of any professional reader to disclose that Tarot card reading or any form of Divination is entertainment first and then guidance as to the benefit after. Adhering to a Code of Ethics is an essential factor for a reader. I make it a point never to make my client feel disempowered and dependent on my services.

In fact, I tell my clients to wait 3-6 months minimum before returning for another session, so things predicted can come forward The wait also gives me a chance to forget our last meeting and be more objective for the next session.

Tarot cards

I offer a guarantee of a “Complimentary” Tarot card reading. If the client is not happy in 3-6 months due to predictions not coming forward. I don’t know any other professional readers nationally, offering such a guarantee to their clients! Also, I refer my clients to other colleague readers if I have gotten to know a client too well. If I am too familiar with a client – I cannot be objective. And I am not comfortable accepting payment at that point for my services. 

Tarot Card Reading for Generations

I have been reading Tarot since the age of 9, and I am now 51. I am a 4th generation Psychic. I found out a few years ago that my paternal Grandmother (read playing cards/had séances/was a healer/could astral travel/see spirits.) My paternal Grandfather (read playing cards), paternal Aunt (read playing cards,) and Great-Grandmothers of my Grandparents were from County Clare, Ireland (one read tea leaves and one read cards).

I was always interested in anything to do with the occult and supernatural. As a child, I believed that fairies would come to my dollhouse at night to eat and sleep – so I left out food for them on the tiny doll-sized dining room (living in NYC that was not a good thing as it would only attract unwanted bugs!) 


My journey doing Tarot card reading began 20 years ago. I decided to read professionally after many friends and family I had read for said that I was very accurate and gave them peace of mind as well as direction. The Tarot Cards for a reader are much like a prop for an actor. I am an Evidential Psychic/Clairvoyant/Claircognizant/Clairaudient Reader. But as a visual person, I enjoy the connection I experience with the Tarot. 

Preparing for Your Reading 

Tarot is a great tool to gain insight into past, present, and future events. That said, you don’t want to live your entire life via Divination. However, take into consideration the message coming forth from a Tarot card reading. Professional Tarot card readings can give a client a different perspective on business, love, or family matter they may not have considered.

Often, the Tarot Cards will reflect what is going on with the client presently and confirm their path is correct. Other times – with the combination of the Tarot and Clairvoyant/Claircognizant – predictions are brought to light to give the client hope for the future outcomes. 

Pendulum over tarot cards

I recommended clients have some questions in mind in advance and expectations of what they wish to gain from their Tarot card reading. I encourage my clients to write down a list of issues to bring, but not reveal the list until the Tarot Session is concluded. Often the questions the client has written down are answered during the Tarot Session within the spread. 

Set an Intention

Once you have an idea of what information you wish to gain from your Tarot card reading, you are ready to shuffle the Tarot and imbue your energy into the deck. The clearer your thoughts, the clearer your cards will be once chosen and laid out.

I have always let my clients touch and shuffle my cards – some readers do not allow anyone to touch their cards, and I never understood that. And I feel the client needs to touch my cards to get their energy onto my cards so that the Tarot can speak more clearly about that person and their circumstances.

Tarot 101 Class

I cannot ever give out names of clients as I strictly uphold Confidentiality for all of my clients. And I have seen significant positive changes in the lives of my clients while working with them in Tarot sessions. Also I have some of the same clients locally who come to see me regularly over the last 20 years.

Over the years, my reading services have grown, and I now have many clients that seek me out via phone, Skype, and Facetime Reading Sessions. Thanks to word of mouth and positive reviews via the internet (Facebook & Google), I have had the opportunity to read and coach many new people who are not local. 

Getting Tarot Card Reading from Whitney Mulqueen

Many of my clients refer to me as their “Spiritual Counselor” because our sessions have helped them work through difficult issues in their lives and gave them solace. My sessions are empathic and thoughtful – I always keep in mind that each of us is on our journey, and I have a responsibility to facilitate but never impede upon a client’s “Free Will.” 

I am currently traveling and booked to do Holistic & Psychic Fairs in the Northeast in NY, PA, MA, NJ, and CT for 2017. However, when I am home in NE, Pennsylvania, I am available by appointment for Private Sessions, House Parties, and Corporate/Non-Profit Events.  I can be reached via my Facebook page: Readings By Whitney and/or by mobile: 570-575-8649 

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