Seeking A Spiritual Reality Through Meditation

by Matthew Jones

Meditation has a lot of terrific benefits. It can help you relax, focus on what’s most important in your life, and even improve your physical and mental health. However, these are merely a few additional benefits of an ancient spiritual practice. Meditating opens the mind and exposes you to a higher spiritual reality and a level of consciousness that cannot be reached during other activities.

However, meditation is an activity that must be practiced and cultivated. For some, it comes quite naturally; for others, it takes a great deal of patience and concentration. So, how can you get a glimpse of a higher spiritual reality through meditation? And what do these higher realities look like? Let’s take a look at some of the best meditation practices to find the answers.

What Is A “Higher Spiritual Reality?”

A higher spiritual reality, often used interchangeably with “higher consciousness,” is a state of awareness that transcends our most base sensations. In life, we become very accustomed to experience of our bodies and the five senses. We generally know what to expect from our minds, bodies, and the world around us, and we take comfort in this familiarity. However, there are planes of consciousness that we cannot access when we are in a state of familiar comfort.

This higher spiritual reality is difficult to quantify or define, but in essence, it allows you to experience a sense of oneness with everything around you. During a session of meditation, you can leave your body and experience reality as being one with all things, rather than experiencing yourself as something physical and separate. When this happens, it opens your mind to a completely new, ethereal plane.

How Can You Reach A Higher Spiritual Reality Through Meditation?

Meditation of stones

Now comes the hard part. While it may be relatively simple to relax your mind and meditate on a daily basis, it is not as easy to take yourself to a state of higher consciousness. This takes time and practice. However, there are a few methods that can help you on your journey:

Quiet Your Mind

This is the first and most important step for any practitioner. As with most forms of meditation, quieting your mind is necessary for reaching a state of inner-peace. Additionally, you cannot hope to reach a higher spiritual reality if your mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts and concerns from your daily life. So, quiet your thoughts, and focus on nothing. For some, using a mantra or patterned breathing technique can help make this step a little easier.

Acknowledge Your Body

Many people think that you need to reject your body (or at least the concept of a physical body) in order to have any kind of transcendental experience, but this is actually not true. Before allowing your mind to elevate to a more spiritual realm, you must embrace your body and understand your connection to everything around you. Slowly, the delineations between yourself and the rest of existence will begin to erode, leading to the final step…

Embrace Oneness

Oneness Meditation

It may be a little intimidating or even frightening to leave the comfort of your physical form, but embracing a sense of oneness with existence is the only way to truly experience a higher spiritual reality. Allowing your mind and body to transcend to a state of higher consciousness will not only open your mind to something completely new, but it will bring you to a state of complete peace and serenity.

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