Spiritual Instagram Accounts Guaranteed to Feed Your Soul 

The niche of spiritual development has been gaining a growing audience on social media in recent years. And since Instagram is one of the world’s most used social media platforms, more and more experts and followers use this platform to interact with each other. So, if you are searching for a spiritual community with shared beliefs, Instagram is one of the best platforms. And if you are spiritually evolving and want to help others by sharing your successes on Instagram, remember that you can use SimplyGram to boost account on Instagram and reach a wider audience.

Today, there are love experts, workout gurus, astrologers, and manifestation guides that can be enriching for the soul and mind. Some accounts will push you to the limit and help you change and grow. Other Instagram accounts contain beliefs, values, and thoughts you can use to cultivate your soul or get through tough times. So here are various inspirational and spiritual Instagram accounts you must follow.


Phil is considered a beautiful soul who aims to help others navigate this world in a fulfilling and enriching way. You will find him alternating from this Insta account to the YouTube account, sharing profound messages on how to sync with the universe and align with your inner hidden self. With more than 421K followers, it’s a guarantee that you will be in for a treat.


With more than five million Instagram followers, this account promises new perspectives to help you comprehend omens, signs, and current events around you. The moon omen consists of a small team whose primary goal is to connect and create a family of like-minded souls who mind each other and humanity to create an empowering world. Lukas Notes, one of the co-founders, also has accounts where young people can learn more about his take on spirituality. In addition, the team has published several books for a deeper exploration. 


Are you on the right career path or living life to its fullest potential? This Instagram account is perfect for you if you want to explore the world of astrology and how to balance cosmic consciousness with your life, career, and the universe. Alongside a community of more than 41K Instagram followers, you will enjoy astrology in a fun and soulful way. In addition, the account will open doors to podcasts, an Astro Pro certification program, and a book by Natalie Walston that expands more on cosmic calling and astrology reading.


Heather Hoffman founded this channel with over 190K followers and offers messages, music, meditations, and reminders of personal ascension and multidimensional experiences. Heather swears to know tools and techniques that will help you awaken your true power and purpose and become what you are destined for on earth.


This is one unique account that shares handwritten daily forecast content. The forecasts are specific and positive, ranging from moon risings to human nature. Heidi shares her content through podcasts, poetry, and videos. This account is necessary to restart your day, feeling radiant, refreshed, and good vibes.


Lacy Philips founded the To Be Magnetic workshop, which focuses on manifestations backed by neuroscience and psychology. She shares her philosophy through podcasts, free workshops, and detailed tools that are step-by-step on how to manifest your thoughts. In addition, To Be Magnetic has an app with membership-paid programs accessible to all. Visit her Instagram account for more insights, innovative tips, and affirmations to change by accepting yourself.  


Here is a man whom you will love with whom you resonate with teachings about life. You will also find him on YouTube teaching you how to expand your consciousness, spiritual awareness, and personal development. On his Instagram account of over 440K followers, he is constantly sharing videos on how to raise your vibrations and inspirational videos.


This account by Kelsey Grant educates on love and relationships and how to find alignment in love. She always ensures that her 50K+ Instagram followers are well-equipped with self-love nuggets and how to be a better lover.


Are you embarking on a soul path and looking for insight and guidance? Helena is a conduit, soul guide, and psychic. She is a blueprint for your soul’s spiritual support and collective consciousness. She has created a community of over 11K Instagram followers who enjoy quality and inspirational content to help them with their soul journey. 


Durek can communicate his shamanism into this modern age using a language even the kids comprehend and get into the world of inspiration and enlightenment. He has written a book for those who want to explore shamanism more. 


Are you into card readings or psychic forecasts? Then @Carriestiers is an Instagram account worthy of looking into. There is something new to post daily, ranging from the flow of energies, affirmations, messages, and spirit guides. Her content is always light and presented in the most gentle and supportive way. 


Social media has enabled you to get support and insights on your spiritual growth journey. You are what you consume on social media, and the content you engage with will impact how you feel and think. 

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