Healthy Salt, Minerals & Hydration

Ordinary table salt, sodium chloride, a mineral, does not support the body’s overall health. The public awareness information has been relentless on this, but the body does need a balance of salt and minerals. The only part of the message, “Don’t eat table salt!” has been loud and clear. The confusion has caused a lot of illness because the body does need salt. The right kind of salt is critical. Also it helps balancing proper hydration.

Processed table salt is extremely high temperatures (over 1600 degrees), bleached, then the primary and trace minerals are removed, and anti-caking agents are added. This process creates a product that is harmful to health. Substitute salts are considered better for you than regular table salt. Although there are many different substitutes most individuals get too little potassium in their diet that protects against high blood pressure, stroke, and heart arrhythmia and kidney problems.

​It is commonly suggested by healthcare providers and large commercial salt companies that sodium–free substitutes that contain 100 percent potassium chloride (instead of sodium chloride) or lite salt (50% reduced sodium) is better than regular table salt, although potassium is needed, and people are often deficient, they are still not the best substitutes because they are commercially processed the same way as ordinary table salt.

A few more healthy salt substitutes include Chef Paul Prudhommes Magic Salt-free Seasoning, Salt-free Spike, Mrs. Dash, and The Zip Blend by Spice Hunter.  Another popular hybrid sea salt/herb product is Herbamare, a blend of sea salt and 14 organic herbs. These changes to daily meals and snacks add an enormous amount of healing properties by supporting the blood pH balance and supplying a variety of bio-available minerals and nutrients in the best combinations for absorption. 

​The best healthy salts that provide a balance of trace minerals, raw, unprocessed, ready for the body to utilize are Himalayan sea salt (pink salt), Celtic sea salt (gray salt) and RealSalt (from the ancient seas in Central Utah). They are the most natural and support the body’s overall health for lowering acidity, regulating healthy blood pressure and providing over 80 trace minerals. For more flavor and tremendous natural health benefits, add more herbs and spices to your meals. There is a generous list of the most common herbs and spices in the Herbs & Spices tab of my website, explaining how they support good health and in what dishes they are best used. 

Don’t forget iodine. Humans need iodine for normal metabolism of cells, the process of converting food to energy, and also for the production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function. Many individuals have a compromised thyroid and are on medication which creates a situation that does not allow them to use products with iodine added or foods high in iodine; but most people need iodine and are ill without it.

​So if you are using a replacement for table salt, be sure to and a natural source that contains iodine. Synthetic iodine added to processed salt is not readily utilized by the body. All minerals and nutrients must come from photosynthesis (simply put: made from sun + green plants) to be absorbed and properly utilized in the body.

That is why with a holistic approach to health, whole food supplements are a must. DON’T go crazy on salts and then forget to drink water! For an easy plan to support proper hydration, ll a pitcher with water, slices of lemon with a 1⁄2-teaspoon of sea salt and put it in your refrigerator. Drink through the day and make sure it’s gone before you go to bed at night. You can also have balanced hydration by adding a pinch of natural sea salt to bottled water.

Either choice will detox the body while supporting the blood, fluids, and proper function of glands and organs. Many people drink lots of water without salt and minerals. This is a mistake, this is not healthy hydration habit; you need the pinch of sea salt to balance your electrolytes. This is why you have seen the rise in popularity of pH water available in stores. It’s important yes; but you can easily make it yourself and enjoy it all day, every day with little cost or effort. 

Athletes use baking soda and water, called soda doping, to recover the body from large amounts of acid generated during extreme bouts of exercise and exertion. It aids in their recovery time and stamina. There are thousands of stories on the Inter- net about people that have recovered from chronic and terminal illnesses by alkalizing with baking soda and water. A simple way to monitor the body for dehydration is with the first urine elimination of the day. If it is light yellow like lemonade, you are hydrated; if you have dark urine and urinate frequently, you are dehydrated. 

Another healthy choice for the kidneys and pH balance is a cup of warm water with a squeeze of juice from a lemon before going to sleep. It’s relaxing and nourishing at the same time. Dehydration is typically a condition, which causes exhaustion, accelerated aging and illness; stay mindful of the body’s needs and develop healthy hydration habits. ​

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