Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana: How to Balance It

Second Chakra / Sacral Chakra / Swadhistana

The Sacral Chakra also known as Swadhisthana represents creativity, personal energy, sexuality, and overall health. This chakra receives universal life force energy and activates our intuitive essence. Working with the second chakra is similar to the fourth chakra since it deals heavily with emotions and expression.

The Sacral Chakra is the raw emotional storage area where you process your feelings. This chakra thrives on all the positive emotions associated with expressing your self freely, both sexually and creatively. In a world with so many standards and regulations, it is easy to develop blockages in this chakra.

Swadhistana Chakra symbol on a watercolor. The Sacral Chakra

Signs that the Sacral Chakra is Off-Balance or Blocked

  • Emotionlessness
  • Inability to Cope
  • Lack of Control
  • Feeling Numb
  • Confusion
  • Dysfunctional Relationships

The second chakra allows us to take pleasure and joy in the small things in life. This chakra is the center of our physical and sexual health. When the second chakra is clear and balanced, we are open to the sensation of life’s pleasures.

This article will help you better understand the sacred second chakra and what you can do to open it up.

The Sacral Chakra’s Color

The color orange represents freedom and creativity. When you see the color orange, it acts as an emotional stimulant. It makes us happier and helps remove self-doubt.

You can surround yourself with the color orange to help allow energy to flow through your Sacral Chakra. You can carry orange crystals, wear orange make-up, decorate your home in more orange, or plant orange flowers. Eating orange foods will stimulate the second chakra such as oranges, mangoes, honey, and cantaloupe.

The Sacral Chakra’s Crystal

Orange Calcite opens your consciousness to contentment and alleviates symptoms of depression or unhappiness. Orange Calcite helps one to accept and embrace the joy of sexual, creative energies, and spontaneity. Through Orange Calcite, you can also work through unpleasant childhood memories.

Sacral Chakra Crystal

With Orange Calcite, you can tap into the energies of pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. Working with Orange Calcite can elevate your sense of vitality and increased confidence. These are all expansive energies with the added element of playfulness.

8 Facts about Sacral Chakra

  1. It is located One to two inches below the navel.
  2. Angel’s energy comes from Archangel Michael.
  3. The mantra for the Sacral Chakra is Vam Pronounced Vang.
  4. Scents associated with the Sacral Chakra are ~ Orange, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Ylang Ylang.
  5. Traits are Compassion, Creativity, Desire, Emotions, Friendliness, Humor, Intuition, Pleasure, Sexuality.
  6. The associated gland is the gonads.
  7. In the Male, the testes and the female the ovaries. Planet: Venus
  8. Sacral/Second Chakra Element: Water

Clearing Blockages within the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral/Second Chakra encompasses how you relate to others, how you choose relationships, and what those connections mean to us — situated at the base of our sexual organs. People refer to this Chakra as the place where you give and receive.

Second Chakra is the area that corresponds to how you respond to others. It helps determine what motivates us. It is also about reproduction and self-indulgence. This chakra is located in the reproductive area, connects to our feelings, emotions, sexuality, and creativity.

The organs controlled by the chakra are the spleen, bladder, kidneys, and sexual organs. Physical problems associated with any of these organs are most likely due to an unbalanced second chakra.

When the Svadhisthana Chakra is off-balance, you may feel jealousy, guilt, possessiveness, embarrassed by our body/ sexuality. When in balance, this chakra brings us grace, flexibility, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and creativity.

It is clear to see that when this area is out of balance, it can wreak havoc on the body, mind, and spirit. When out of balance, sex becomes the primary objective. It is why teenagers are so entirely focused on sex since sexual organs start developing at this age.

Body shaming, toxic relationship, expression suppression/oppression, and sexual abuse can cause the Sacral Chakra to become blocked. It’s a manifestation of the emotions associated with trauma and depression.

To clear blockages, express your self freely by laughing, painting, dancing, or anything that makes you feel creative and alive. Let go of past trauma in a healthy way by seeking counseling or journaling. Meditation will help this chakra open and clear as well.

Energy will eventually begin flowing through this chakra as you heal and allow yourself to be freer. It is essential to keep all chakras cleared and open, and the Sacral Chakra is no exception.

Balance Your Sacral Chakra with Sound

The second or Sacral Chakra vibrates at a frequency to keep our reproductive and hormonal organs healthy. Science is now finding evidence that sound can improve health, balance chakras, and might even improve your love life. Everything vibrates, and finding the appropriate resonance for the proper chakra can help in the balancing process. Sound healing, whether through the use of mantras or instruments, has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years. 

Using the deep-vibration of a crystal bowl with the note D or 480 Hz frequencies can bring harmony, balance, energize the mind, body, and emotions. Using this type of sound will gently unblock your Sacral Chakra.

Sacral Chakra, Frequency Ranges: 293.665 Hz to 606 Hz These wavelengths clears destructive influences of past events. These frequencies will help open a clear path to the emotional body, sensuality, and the creative mind.

TOPFUND’s Sacral Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

will vibrate through the skeletal spine, helping to ground and balance your sacral chakra.

Meditation for Balancing the Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Meditation

To open and clear the Sacral chakra, you can meditate using affirmations, scents, and crystals that are related to the chakra. Sit comfortably and prepare for mediation by clearing the mind and taking three deep breaths. Begin Sacral Chakra affirmation by forming a clamshell with your hands, in which the right-hand rests on top of the left hand while the tips of the thumbs touch.

Sacral Chakra affirmations:

Your fears are lifted now and replaced with Divine Illumination, Light, and Love.

  • I am protected, and I live in divine grace and safety.
  • I am free and creative.
  • I am both sensitive and strong.
  • My emotions are valid and important.
  • I am fulfilled in all areas of my life.
  • I approach my life with full confidence in my ability to be playful, creative, and fearless in life, and so it is.

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