A Beginners Guide to Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Many people suspect they have psychic abilities, and guess what? Everyone does. Like any underdeveloped talent, we need to exercise and practice to improve. Learn how to access and control different types psychic abilities with one simple exercise.

Becoming psychically or spiritually aware is to dive deeper into your inner truth and wisdom. Learning you are boundless could mean the difference between living a limitless life or a limited existence. Becoming open and aware of your psychic abilities and how to employ your intuition regularly is both exciting and liberating. 

The following will help you understand your psychic abilities, that is it you who tunes into the world around you. Being more in tune with life’s experiences allows you to be acutely aware of the path you travel. Open to your natural abilities. You’re going to love what you find.

Definitions of Types of Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Another word associated with psychic abilities is ESP or Extra-Sensory Perception. ESP is a heightened physical sense, and there are similarities to psychic senses. “Channeling” is related to ESP. The term Channeling is a contemporary form of mediumship. Mediumship is where a person provides the vehilch for information to be gathered from somewhere other than the individual. It is different from Clairaudience in that the information does not come from an inner knowing, but outside the person.

There are three types of psychic abilities described below.

Clairvoyance or Clear Sight (SEEING)


Clairvoyance is to have the ability to “see” images, concepts, spirits, and events. It is seeing them as pictures in your Mind’s Eye, or as some credit the Third Eye. Your Third Eye is between your eyes two inches in and two inches down from the top of your skull. Sometimes clairvoyants are called Seers.

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Clairaudience or Clear Hearing (SOUND)

The Hum

Clairaudience is the ability to “hear” ideas within your Mind’s Eye. This area where you “hear” is not with the ears, preferably the knowing area of your mind. Sometimes it is actually “hearing” voices, sounds, or ideas in your “Psychic Ear.” Clairaudio also seems to be more subtle in illustration, requiring the ability to translate not only your thoughts but those of Spirit, Guides, and knowing thoughts.

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Clairsentience or Clear-Sensing/Feeling (TOUCH/TASTE/SMELL)


Clairsentience is the actual term for being able to feel psychically through the physical senses. It is a high ‘knowing’ deep within you. Clairsentients are also able to reach out and contact as if they physically are the ones in the event.

Intuition brings all of the psychic senses together. Everyone has all of these abilities to one degree or another. You may not know where the information, idea, a knowing, or a gut feeling comes from, but you can listen. Psychic abilities is intertwined with intuition. 

You can ask if your interpretation is correct, and you will sense the answer through your foreknowledge. People who naturally have a strong sense of these abilities can efficiently work with a portion of each is called Empaths.

Whenever possible focus on your Third Eye is located and imagine it opening. You might even feel the place begin to shiver or tingle. The stronger your third eye is the stronger all of your pyschic abilities will become.

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