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Divine rule, where leadership positions are given based on one having a superior relationship to God, has become an antiquated idea. But wouldn’t you think those in charge of others have unique moral dilemmas at times? 

This next tier of angels doesn’t grant power based on one’s divinity, but it does specifically guide those in prominent leadership positions to help them make decisions from a place of spiritual power. 

According to Dionysius’s Celestial Hierarchy, the Principalities are known for “their Godlike princeliness and authoritativeness in an Order which is holy and most fitting to the princely Powers.” It is for this reason they are often portrayed wearing golden crowns and holding large specters. 

Principalities guide leaders of nations, governments, religious institutions, and modern mass organizations such as corporations to ensure God’s work is done on Earth through spiritual leadership.

The Principalities are the top-ranking angels of the celestial messengers. They rank above Archangels and Guardian Angels and are seventh overall in the list of the nine orders of angels. This 3rd sphere of messenger angels are the ones closest to the human realm, who can most readily influence the material plane and be seen to interact with people on Earth. 

The Guardian Angels watch over an individual, Archangels protect humans, and the Principalities guide the human collective body by providing guidance to leaders in charge of large collectives and influencing mass cultural movements.

Roles & Functions

The main role of the Principalities is to help people to find the wisdom they are seeking, particularly in regard to leadership and responsibility. Their mission is to encourage, guide, and send new ideas to people in positions of authority and power. When leaders are facings challenges and unsure of what direction to take, it is the job of the Principalities to step in to bring them insight about how to proceed. 

These angels supervise all nations on Earth and assist all religions, cultures and countries. They strive to create harmony, balance, and peace among people on Earth from the top down through working with the people who have great influence over others to prompt them to make decisions based on goodwill for all and direct them in the best methods of serving the people.

In addition to assisting leaders to use their power wisely, the Principalities also strive to help people in positions of power to create a spiritual practice. The Principalities know how stressful positions of leadership can be for those in charge of the masses. 

To make sure leaders are making choices from a place of mindfulness, compassion, and faith, these angels lend their energy to motivate people to create spiritual habits that connect them to their spiritual selves. 

Leaders are better able to assert their authority in a way that is kind, just and fair for all when they are acting from a place of peace and inner calmness. Principalities ensure that people in high power positions are receiving the support needed to be in their prime state of mind.

It is beneficial for leaders to be in a receptive, present mindset because this makes them more open to angelic communication. When leaders are spiritually guided, the Principalities are more effectively able to share their wisdom and offer counsel and support. 

Principalities Guide Leadership

They use their healing energy to cut through anxiety, fear and worry when leaders have to make decisions that will have great consequences and influence on the lives of others. By clearing away the mental strain, the Principalities can more easily give suggestions to leaders on Earth in the form of signs, intuitive hunches, and dreams.

The Principalities are able to provide guidance on all types of leadership, from a classroom of small children to the managing of a large army. They help people to develop the skills needed to succeed in their specific area of leadership. Ultimately what they aim to inspire through is grace in leadership. 

By connecting to people in positions that oversee others, they teach how to lead in a way that is balance, open-minded, and fair for all. Their energy is the antidote too brutal, authoritarian leaderships, for they guide people to exercise their power in a way that uplifts others to heal, evolve, and grow on a collective level.

Principalities Collaboration

Since the Principalities are the highest order of the celestial messengers, they have the closet connection to the next sphere of angels. To ensure continuity between all levels of the angel hierarchy, Principalities work with 2nd sphere angels in the hierarchy (Dominions, Virtues, and Powers) to create a bridge to the material world. 

The Principalities collaborate with these tiers of angels to create ideologies about leadership. The 2nd tier angels focus on the creation of divine rules, orders and laws needed to maintain a balance of light in the world to counteract darkness. 

We will explore these more specifically in upcoming articles, but for now it is just important to know they pass their wisdom down to the Principalities, whose job it is to communicate these concepts to humans in the material world.

In the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, which focuses on 7 levels of consciousness from the material world up to God, the Principalities are part of the World of Thought in the Region of Abstract Thought. In this arena, thoughts are generated from spirit to be passed down into the material world. It is for this reason they are often considered educators. 

As the highest realm of celestial messengers, they prompt new ideas and concepts that educate humanity in order to grow and evolve. The Principalities manifest these divine missions, orders, and rules of the higher spheres into the concrete human world.

When Principalities use their power of abstract thought to form the ideology to be passed down to leaders on Earth. They partner with the Guardian Angels to ensure people receive the messages and are guided accordingly.

Working with Principalities

The best reasons to work with Principalities are to gain assistance with a position of leadership or be guided in decision-making processes where the choice will impact others. While they primarily are overseeing major institutions, the Principalities are still more than willing to answer prayers of individuals. The Principalities will tend to answer these prayers in two different ways. 

The first is by sending people ecstasy and joy that helps them to transcend their burden or difficult situation. This happiness gives them a renewed faith and motivates them to embrace the situation with a new perspective. 

The other way Principalities assist people is by sending them ideas to solve challenges. They can communicate innovative ways to face current problems. By providing encouragement and motivation, the Principalities give people a brand new perspective that renews their hope and faith in themselves.

Those hoping to make major contributions in their field of work, such as art or science, also benefit from working with the Principalities. Since the Principalities are working on guiding human evolution through generating ideas that influence entire collectives of people. 

Principalities are also known for assisting with the creation of groundbreaking work. They bring the inspiration for new ideas that can change the world. Their duty is to inspire brilliance, ingenuity, and creativity in those who seek to make progressive change.

Principalities Help with Decision Making

Additionally, anyone who works in an executive position, or oversees others, would be wise to cultivate a relationship with this sphere of angels. They can be invoked to bring harmony to the work place, fresh perspectives when needed, and a relaxed mindset that makes one feel more at ease exercising their authority. 

Through the energy of the Principalities, leaders can receive a sense of grace in their decision-making process and faith in their ability to make fair and just decisions. Everyone benefits when a leader is consciously working with this spiritual energy for decisions are in alignment with the divine plan. People tend to feel more productive, inspired, and fulfilled in their work when guided by the Principalities.

Praying to the Principalities lets them know one is ready to be a channel for creation. Since the Principalities work with more collective bodies, to answer a personal prayer they will work with the person’s Guardian Angel. 

Working with a person’s Guardian Angel ensures a person receives the energy, blessings and messages in a way that is easy to incorporate into their life. The person’s Guardian Angel will send thoughts to the person to give them visions of what to create, study, or produce next according to the direction of the Principalities.

In Conclusion

If one is feeling any sort of creative block, reaching out to the Principalities can help them to break out of stagnancy and make progress in their work too. Just be aware, the Principalities aim to groom leaders! If you want to ask for the guidance of the Principalities, you may be asked to take responsibility for your creations. 

Be ready to teach, share, and oversee the results of what you discover or create with the assistance of the Principalities. They will make sure that you are noticed for your effort and your leadership will be called on to guide others.

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