Numerology in Astrology

Numerology in Astrology

Numerology in astrology is a practice that synthesizes the mystic wisdom of both planetary positions and repeated numbers.  There are so many metaphysical topics to delve into, like astrology, Tarot, angel numbers, palmistry, and numerology. While there’s an infinite way to articulate the ineffable, a common factor connects them all: a desire to understand. Numerology in astrology synthesizes the knowledge presented by each realm of study.

Astrology is a popular tool for analyzing psychological motivations, whereas numerology is the study of how numbers influence events, people, and meaning. However, numerology in astrology takes these spiritual practices one step further; it connects the stars with numbers. 

Numerology and astrology have been around for centuries, reflecting humanity’s inclination to find significance in the metaphysical. Numerology in astrology is an extension of that, a bridge between the intangible realm of numbers and the unreachable stars.

What is Numerology in Astrology?

While astrology and numerology can be situated as two different studies, these combines their wisdom. Both place value on birth dates, generating interpretations of who someone is and how they express themselves. Numerology in astrology finds patterns within natal charts and numerology reports.

The wisdom of numerology in astrology is best discovered by looking at astrological houses. Houses are symbolized by a wheel, representing 12 aspects of human life such as identity, relationships, and career. Whereas the planets and signs represent what and how energy manifests, the houses indicate where. 

Numerology in astrology reveals the numerical significance of each house. For example, the fourth house in astrology symbolizes the home, family, foundation. Four in numerology relates to security, harmony, and ancestors

Even the two-digit houses, such as the 10th, 11th, and 12th are broken down into smaller digits that reflect their meaning. The 10th house of career and public images translates into 1, which signifies self-determination and sufficiency.  The overlap of numerology isn’t coincidental; its intentional similarities adds another layer to analyze and confirm astrological knowledge. 

Making Connections between Numerology and Astrology

Numerology in astrology is best represented by the parallels between natal charts and numerology reports. 

A natal chart in astrology is a snapshot of the stars at the exact time someone was born. It reveals their inclinations, habits, strengths, and weaknesses. Natal charts are best used as a guide for understanding why someone acts the way they do, and how they can best channel their inherent gifts to overcome challenges.

Numerology reports also provide guidance about who someone is and what they’re motivated by. By using someone’s date of birth and the first three letters of their name (numerology has a handy method of turning letters into numbers), numerology reports can calculate their birth number, attitude number, life path number, soul’s urge, power number, and personality number.

Not everyone with the same Sun sign will have the same numerology report; that’s the beauty of analyzing them side by side. Instead of feeling limited by astrological placements, we can begin to see the nuanced layers of metaphysical self-analysis. Two people born in Cancer season may have different life path numbers, reflecting humanity’s complex individuality. 

The Lessons of Numerology

When you see numbers repeat themselves, whether it’s the time on the clock, prices, or random encounters, they are messages you need to pay attention to. For example, when you see 11:11 (which is 4 in numerology), it’s an affirmation from ancestors or spirit guides that you’re on the path of transformation and following your intuition. 

Significant numbers are useful in delving deeper into your natal chart. If you’ve been seeing the number three, looking at the 3rd house of communication would be beneficial. Perhaps there are planets transiting there or personal placements you’ve been neglecting. Sometimes it could simply mean you need to ground your creative energy, learn from your mistakes, and hone your communication skills. 

While these examples illustrate an easy connection between these two metaphysical studies, numerology in astrology isn’t always laid out clearly. The spiritual element is difficult to prove and relies on personal interpretation. But this complicated and elusive aspect is numerology in astrology’s greatest lesson: only you can create your own meaning. 

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