What is Merkaba Meditation and Benefits


The Merkaba is a symbol made by the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids or tetrahedrons. The energy of the two pyramids spins in opposite directions. The three-dimensional shape creates an energy field that provides protection and can assist in transporting consciousness to higher dimensions. In this brief article, you will learn about Merkaba and Meditation with Merkaba.

Merkabas are excellent instruments for working on your spiritual transformation. Merkabas are thought to be alive and spinning. When held, the Merkaba’s form a shield of protection around the holder. The shape of the human light body is thought to be in the form of a Merkaba.

In Hebrew, the word Merkaba means chariot. Merkaba, in ancient Egyptian literally means, light, spirit, and soul. According to sacred geometry, the Merkaba is said to help transformation on all levels of existence.

Meditation with a Merkaba not only protects you but, if allowed, can become the vehicle for ascension.

The triangular pyramid represents male and female. The male pyramid points upwards and visually spins from left to right. The female pyramid extends downward and visually rotates right to left. It is the energy of the two spinning tetrahedrons that will protect and carry us as we learn Merkaba Meditation.

The first thing you are going to do is relax. Sit or lie down, eyes closed, and settle your mind. Breath deeply and just simply take a moment to unwind. Holding a Merkaba can help but is not necessary.

Picture the shape of the Merkaba’s sacred geometry. Allow it to surround and protect you.

Merkaba crystal sacred geometry
Merkaba Sacred Geometry

Now picture the male pyramid beginning at your knees and extending several feet above your head. Imagine the pyramid spinning counterclockwise.

Now imagine the female pyramid starting at your shoulders and reaching its point several feet below your feet.

At this point, you may or may not be able to visualize the two intersecting pyramids spinning opposite of each other as one unit. It is ok because really what we want is to imagine the spinning creating an energetic light field around your body.

Don’t forget to breathe. As you start to feel the circular dance of the Merkaba, begin to pattern your breathing to the motion.

Once you are relaxed and focused on the Merkaba surrounding you set an intention. Take time to focus, set your purpose, and then let it go.

How To Meditate with a Merkaba

You can be assured that working with a Merkaba and the patterns of sacred geometry will not disappoint. A nice by-product of learning how to meditate with a Merkaba is that all your chakras are unblocked. Your chakra system will be working to full capacity. 

You may want to take a while to return to your body. Start to feel the room around you. Take your time. There is no hurry. 

Clear Quartz Merkaba (Merkabah) Stars are excellent for expanding any intention. Clear Quartz Merkaba’s can be used for energy work, for meditation, to brighten up the energy in a room, or with energy grids.

That is how simple it is to meditate with a Merkaba. Don’t be surprised if you feel energized and alive. Remember, there is no limit to how you can work with this powerful tool. 

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