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The field of mediumship and psychics involves many forms of communication such as automatic writing, channeling, séances, and psychometry with the goal of speaking with spirits. Jason Wickens is an animal communicator. He uses his ability of telepathy to communicate with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, even a pet rat. The common term is “Pet Psychic,” Jason merely prefers animal communicator.

Wickens, 42, lives near Worcester in England with his wife and two young kids. He has two dogs, Belle and Lacey. Animals have always been part of his life growing up with family dogs and the animals residing near his childhood countryside home. Jason took a series of spiritual healing workshops where he learned the wonders of healing. Then he read about animal communication and attended a seminar in which his mind was blown wide open. Wickens’ has a healthy skeptical mind. But the results of that particular workshop made it clear that animal communication is real. 

The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Jim Byers talking with animal communicator Jason Wickens.

​Have you always been psychic or was this something you began to pursue during adulthood?

​No, it is something I began having an interest in during my early twenties after learning meditation. Until learning animal communication, I never talked to the animals. But I did have a few strange events which I put down to the meditation practice beginning to open up my “psychic side.” Once while meditating, I felt a hand rest on my shoulder from behind. Nobody was there (at least in flesh and blood form), but it was a definite hand on my shoulder, and I got a feeling of “everything is going to be ok,” like a guardian letting me know they were there.

​How and Where you introduced to animal communication and became animal communicator?

​On the first workshop I attended for animal communication I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have a healthy skepticism, but at the same time, I hoped it was real. There was the feeling that even if it were real, I would probably be the one to struggle “getting it” and others would be chatting away to the animals quite easily. Thankfully, it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and I came up with plenty of specific information that there is just no way I could have known. At the end of the day, one guy came up to me and joked “stop showing us up!” It was a day of change for me that led me to this new journey.

​What is an animal’s reaction when they first realize that you can communicate with them?

​Usually, when I get the connection, I see them wagging their tails or bounding over to me in my mind’s eye. A lot of them get quite excited, especially dogs. Sometimes it feels like cats sit on my lap, while others may be a bit more timid and need to ‘warm up’ before they truly open up. I’ve never come across an animal who isn’t happy that I’ve connected though. It often feels like they have been waiting to communicate with someone for a long time.

​What exactly do pets say to you?

​What I have found is that animals are as different as we humans are, in that they all have their own personalities. Generally, they are a lot more positive than us as they live in the present and make the most of their time. Sometimes you can tell they are funny characters or full of life just by the energy you feel when the connection is established. Other times it can be weaker.

​Is one breed or species better to work with than another or is it generally all the same?

It really depends on the animal’s personality and how much they want to talk, but in general, dogs seem excited, but cats are more chilled, and horses come through quite loud and clear.

As an animal communicator do you have any simple tips for others to begin communicating with animals?

​I would say a good starting point is to use a photo of a friend’s pet. That way you can get validation from them with your answers. Find a quiet spot and take a few minutes to bring your thinking down. Relax, when you are in a calm state have a look at the photo and try and tune into the animal’s energy. Focus all your awareness on the animal and project a loving, compassionate feeling. Try and be at one with the animal. See if anything pops into your head – a word, a sense, a feeling, or an image.

The trick is to filter what your mind makes up to what is actually coming through from the animal. By keeping your mind in a meditative state, you should be able to block out thoughts letting the telepathic connection flow. Meditation is an excellent tool for quieting the mind which is essential for communication.

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