How To Get Gold in Final Fantasy XIV

In the captivating world of Final Fantasy XIV, acquiring gold is crucial for various aspects of gameplay. Whether you’re aiming to purchase desirable gear, housing, crafting materials, or simply accumulate wealth, understanding effective gold-making strategies is essential. In this article, we will delve into actionable tips and methods that will help you maximize your gold acquisition in Final Fantasy XIV, from efficient gathering and crafting to astute market trading and engaging in lucrative activities.

Why is gold important in Final Fantasy XIV?

Gold, known as FFXIV gil, in the realm of Eorzea, holds significant importance in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Understanding why gold matters in the game is crucial for players to progress, succeed, and fully enjoy their experiences. 

Gold plays a fundamental role in obtaining and upgrading gear and equipment. As players advance through the game’s content, stronger gear becomes necessary to tackle more challenging encounters. Gold is needed to purchase or craft high-quality gear, acquire powerful weapons, and enhance existing equipment. Upgrading gear, augmenting weapons, and obtaining valuable material all require financial resources.

Final Fantasy XIV provides players with the opportunity to own personal housing, which serves as a haven for creativity and personalization. Acquiring a housing plot and furnishing it with desired items and decorations requires a substantial amount of gil. The customization options allow players to create unique and personalized spaces. Investing in housing also offers social opportunities, as players can invite others to visit their homes and participate in events or gatherings.

Gold is also essential for acquiring consumables and crafting materials. Consumables such as potions, food, and other buffs provide temporary stat boosts, enhancing performance in battles or crafting activities. Crafting materials are necessary for players pursuing crafting professions to create items and participate in the game’s economy. Having a sufficient supply of consumables and materials ensures players are well-prepared for their adventures and crafting endeavors.

How to get gold in Final Fantasy XIV?

Following are the methods that can help you acquire tons of gold in Final Fantasy XIV. 

Efficient Gathering And Crafting

Gathering and crafting professions offer lucrative opportunities for gold acquisition. Here are some tips to optimize your efforts:

  • Gathering Professions: Level up gathering professions such as botanist, miner, and fisher to collect valuable resources. Identify high-demand materials and gather them in bulk, then sell them on the marketboard for a profit. Be aware of the market prices and timing to ensure maximum returns.
  • Crafting Professions: Level up crafting professions like blacksmith, weaver, and alchemist to create valuable items. Identify items with high demand and profit margins, then produce and sell them. Experiment with different crafting rotations to maximize the number of items produced within a given timeframe.
  • Gathering and Crafting Synergy: Seek synergies between gathering and crafting professions. Gathering materials yourself reduces costs and increases profit margins when crafting items. Research recipes and optimize your crafting process to produce sought-after items with minimal waste.

Market Trading And Speculation

Understanding market trends and engaging in shrewd trading can yield significant profits. Here’s how to succeed in the market:

  • Marketboard Research: Regularly monitor the marketboard for price fluctuations and trends. Identify items that consistently have high demand or show signs of increasing value. Research item histories to identify patterns and make informed predictions.
  • Buy Low, Sell High: Take advantage of market fluctuations by buying items when their prices are low and selling them when the demand increases. Timing is crucial in this strategy, so pay attention to supply and demand dynamics.
  • Cross-World Trading: Consider leveraging the cross-world trading feature to expand your market reach. Some servers may have higher demand or lower supply for certain items, allowing you to purchase items on one server and sell them for a higher price on another.
  • Crafted and Gathered Materials: Utilize your gathering and crafting skills to acquire materials at lower costs. By producing the final crafted item yourself, you can maximize profits and undercut competitors.

Participate In Lucrative Activities

Final Fantasy XIV offers various activities that can yield substantial gold rewards. Consider the following lucrative endeavors:

Duty Roulettes: Engage in daily duty roulettes, which provide bonus rewards upon completion. These rewards can include valuable items, gear, and gil. Focus on high-level roulettes for better rewards.

Treasure Maps: Embark on treasure map hunts to locate hidden treasures that yield valuable items and gil. Coordinate with a group or party to tackle difficult maps for better rewards.

Housing and Furnishing: Engaging in the housing market can be a profitable endeavor. Purchase housing plots when available, decorate and furnish them with desirable items, then sell them for a higher price. Keep an eye on the housing market trends and popular aesthetics.

Event Participation: Take part in seasonal events and limited-time activities that offer unique rewards and gil. Complete event quests, participate in special battles and collect event-exclusive items to sell or trade.

Money-Saving Habits

Practicing good money-saving habits can contribute to long-term wealth accumulation. Consider the following tips:

  • Budgeting and Expense Tracking: Set a budget and track your expenses to ensure you’re not overspending. Prioritize your gold acquisition goals and avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • Repair Efficiently: Repair your gear only when necessary and opt for lower-cost repair options whenever possible. Take advantage of the repair services offered by player-owned Free Companies to save on repair costs.
  • Manage Retainer Ventures: Retainers can undertake ventures to gather or craft items. Assign them tasks that generate valuable items or materials, increasing your potential income.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Teleportation: Teleportation fees can add up quickly. Plan your activities efficiently and minimize teleportation when traveling between locations.

Final Words

Acquiring gold in Final Fantasy XIV is an essential aspect of gameplay, enabling you to enhance your character, engage in trading, and enjoy the many offerings of Eorzea. By optimizing your gathering and crafting endeavors, engaging in astute market trading, participating in lucrative activities, and practicing money-saving habits, you can accumulate wealth and achieve your gold acquisition goals. Remember, patience, research, and adaptability are key. Embrace the opportunities that Final Fantasy XIV presents, and let your journey to financial prosperity in the realm of Eorzea begin!

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