The Benefits of Hobbies

The benefits of hobbies can take many forms. There are active hobbies, such as hiking, kayaking, skiing, and rock climbing. More sedentary hobbies may include knitting, quilting, playing an instrument, photography, or collecting any number of things.

All hobbies are beneficial to our health and well-being. They keep our minds young and active. They give us a chance to take a break with a purpose and give us a sense of satisfaction. They can challenge us.

Hobbies are great stress relievers. They give us something good to focus our attention. When I am knitting, spinning, gardening, or engaging in any of my other various hobbies, I am in a different zone.

Hobbies allow hectic everyday life, stress, and problems to float away. Hobbies relax you, make you happy, and can even help combat problems like anxiety and depression. I believe everyone needs at least one hobby — maybe two, three, four, five . . .

Hobbies Keeps Our Minds Sharp

Hobbies allow us an opportunity to interact with others. Many lifelong friendships begin with a hobby. Some of my greatest friendships have had their beginning with a hobby. They are friendships that I very much treasure.

Even when that particular area of interest has started to wane for me, the bonds remain. There are many opportunities to interact with fellow hobby enthusiasts, as our area has an abundance of guilds and clubs available.

Hobbies also help us to keep our minds sharp. They can keep our bodies active and in shape. It is beneficial to challenge ourselves by doing or learning something new, and it is never too late in life to enjoy or learn a new hobby.

My mother enjoyed the benefits of hobbies by starting painting at the age of 70 and continued well into her late 80’s. When she became too ill actually to paint, she enjoyed reading about art. It kept her mind occupied with something good, and it allowed her family to have paintings to treasure and remember her by.

 Hobbies Can Make Money

Many hobbies can bring in a tidy little income. The products that result from a hobby are often quite marketable. Hobbies can mushroom and grow into an entire business. Many times I hear, “I don’t have time for a hobby.” True enough for some, but think of the time we all waste on our phones, watching TV, or just frittering away an evening.

Budgeting in even a small block of time for a hobby can make the rest of your day more productive, as it can put you in a better state of mind. My day doesn’t start or end on a good note if I have not taken at least 5 or 10 minutes to focus on one of my hobbies.

Challenge yourself with something new or, if you are one of the lucky ones, keep enjoying the benefits of hobbies. They are good for you!

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