Frog – Spirit Animal

Frog Spirit Animal

The word Frog in Japanese is “kaeru,” which means “to return.” It is said that by carrying a Frog talisman (let us clarify not a real one) in your wallet or purse, it will bring good fortune to the carrier and their family. Many Japanese keep a Frog statue with a coin in its mouth by the front door to their home or businesses. Japanese myth states that at night the Frog will hop out into the world and “Okane ga kaeru,” meaning return with money spent that day. 

The idea that the Frog represents abundance originates from the similarity in the hatching of hundreds of tadpoles and the male sperm. Yes, women, men do a play a part in childbirth, it may be the fun part, but nothing is fair in this world. The ancients believed the hatching and transformation of the tadpole brought about new life and a new purpose. The visual similarity signifies abundance, new life, and fertility.

Frogs of Plenty

Frog energy is that of “abundance” of all types of bounty. When you call on the Frog, you may need assistance with physical or emotional cleansing. The Frog will help in transformation and a new path full of plenty. Not only is the Frog an authoritative guide, but when the Frog hops into your life as your Power Animal, it is time to make a decision. Frogs as a guide help you navigate between situations.

Just as the spring Peepers, or if you want to sound dramatic, the Pseudacris crucifer, arrives to announce the return of summer…and for the males, themselves as available, the Frog wants you to sing your heart out and be heard. Frogs are there to help you jump right into new adventures.

The Frog Heals

For the Native Americans, the Frog is one of the more popular family crests at the top of totem poles. The Celtic and Native American’s have a lot in common when it comes to Frog medicine of rain and healing. 

When someone in the tribe was sick, the Shaman or Medicine Man would put a Frog in the person’s mouth chant healing sacred words and prayers then command the Frog to “hop away” with the illness. This ( and thank goodness old) practice started the question, “Do you have a Frog in your throat?”

Use the Frog energy or guide when you need to “jump right into” something or to discover your voice, when you need a change in your life or business and when you need to feel bountiful in life. If you resonate with the Frog as your guild, you probably have a natural intuitive sense. The Frog can be called upon to maintain power, and vision also can bond your higher self with the divine. 

The Frog Spirit Guide 

Let the wisdom of the Frog fill you with abundance, and the song of the Frog helps you find your voice. Jump into new journeys with Frog Medicine if you need help with the following:

Assist in Helping You Thrive in all Situations | Soothes Hurt Feelings | diffuses disappointment | Helps Getting Over Resentment of Regret | Helps to Jump into New Projects or Situations with Confidence | Jumps toward Future Goals | Helps with Big Decisions | Help Detoxify Your Life | Rebirth | Renewal | Transformation

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