How To Take A Good Selfie: ​Five Tips to ROCK a Selfie!

Tips to ROCK a Selfie

​5. MAKE IT SPECTACULAR (like you!)

​Not that you need it, but making your selfie scenic adds beauty. Take a picture of yourself in front of a lake, or a field of lavender, or maybe even the gym. This won’t diminish from you being the main focus of the picture but will add the picturesque beauty that is only found in nature.  The fact that you are in the photo is only adding interest to the backdrop. You’re actually helping others become more excited about life because you just being in the selfie is helping Mother Nature be more appealing.

​4. MINIMAL FILTERS (You Sumptuous YOU!)

Come on, you’re gorgeous! You know it, so stop over-filtering. You don’t want to look washed out, tired looking or – eek – not be able to see the beauty that is you. Repress the urge to over-filter, blur out every single shot, and insert an emoji onto everything. And for-goodness-sake, back away from the lens, let the camera capture ALL your beauty, not just your iris and cornea. Come on and let the world see all of you.


​After spending way too much time clicking a billion photos of yourself and quickly deleting the ugly ones, think of all the other things you could be doing. Blame the foul shots on lighting, camera, whatever, and carry on with your day.  Everyone knows the first selfie never comes out right, so don’t deny that you don’t take a billion photos per post. No one has to know they weren’t all wonderful. In the end, you should be left with about six strikingly sexy shots. Resist the urge to make a “you” photomontage or to post all of them. Save them for a rainy day! 


​Lighten up and don’t be so serious all the time. Don’t post if every picture you upload has no purpose. Meaning the shot is just you, *again and again, * I know the world needs another hot photo of you, but step-it-up. Have a goal, show people your new earrings, hair, your wet t-shirt, anything. Just not your pouty-lipped face again. Come on, live-a-little. Look away from that camera for a second, and pick up that puppy. Then stick it alongside that beautiful sultry face of yours and click away.

​1.Number ONE Moderation, Moderation, “Oh, and Did I Say,” MODERATION!

​Restraint is the word of the day selfie-takers! If you have a habit of posting an infinite number of self-shots, know this: Even one a day is too much. Yet, people continue to rapid fire their selfies out onto social media every three minutes or more. You know those pouty-trying-to-be-sexy-over-posed-pics-that-are-just-a-visual-record-showing-how-to-get-noticed-on-social-media posts. Stop it. A few smiling selfies here and there are worth more than fifty duck-faces any day.


PLEASE just stop posting every five seconds or follow the rules above. Remember if you posted a selfie yesterday, but took a great one today, YOU DON’T NEED TO POST IT. Unless you are family, this behavior is an automatic unfriend gauge. Too many selfies are just plain weird, so just stop it. Really I mean it.

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