Healing Crystal: Elestial Quartz Crystal

Elestial Quartz Crystal

Elestial Quartz Crystals have a remarkably high vibration! Elestial’s are mostly smoky in color, but also come in white and some rare Elestial have traces of other minerals in them. Elestial’s are recognized by their multiple terminations, all facing in the same direction. Unlike the Cathedral Crystals, Elestials appear to have melted into each other creating a unique formation.

Using these stones to assist in spiritual growth is vital because they attune to higher spiritual realms. When Elestial crystals are kept close, the high vibration of love and light from the higher spheres continuously infuses into your being, but at a comfortable frequency for the human body. You receive this energy at the level required for your personal growth and healing, without it impacting you in a way that may be uncomfortable. 

The metaphysical and crystal healing properties of these crystals are wonderful to use for both body energy and thoughts. Elestials can aid in the “creation of potential” because it clears your thoughts allowing for creative ideas to flow, but when it starts to roll, watch out!

Working with these crystals can certainly get your full attention. They should ONLY be worked with if you are ready to make earnest changes to your thought, behavior or lifestyle! They will address anything in your life, and I mean anything that needs to change. So, please be aware that the Elestial Crystal might know more about what you need to change than you. 

Do not be afraid, however, to work with these powerful energies, because once you are clear on what needs to be changed, Voilà! the Elestial will guide you every step of the way in your self-development.

Elestial Quartz

Use this Elestial Quartz Crystal for meditation and healing. Having a strong aura these crystals can help expand the mind to reach the spirit world. They radiate positive energy and can be used to absorb negative energies that may be present.

Believe in your self and your intuition when it comes to picking your crystal. Crystals don’t always reveal themselves to everyone. They will speak to their holder in a way that only you will or can understand.  You will find that every crystal has its own intelligence, gifts, and purpose. Crystals have the ability to work with you in unique and personal ways. Work a crystal, and you will learn what that particular crystal can do for you. 

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