Citrine Crystals – Goddess of All Crystals

Citrine Crystals

Believe in yourself and your intuition when it comes to selecting a crystal type or classification of stones. Crystals and minerals sing out to their potential holder. Usually, in a way that only you will or can understand. You will find that every gem has personality, intelligence, gifts, and a purpose. Crystals can work with you in a unique and personal way to bring about change. We will be talking about a special crystal which is Citrine Crystals.

Take, for instance, Citrine crystals, also known as the “Light Maker.” Citrine vibrates so high as to spur on creativity, motivation, and enhance yourself-expression. Citrine can range in color from yellowish, yellow-brown, orange, dark-orange, brown, to even a reddish-brown color. 

Citrine Burnt Moonrise Crystals
Citrine Burnt Moonrise Crystals

Many of what you find on the market today is heat-treated amethyst. Heat-treated Citrine is made when purple amethyst undergoes a duration of extreme heat within a laboratory setting. Many feel this stone should be called ”burnt amethyst” and not Citrine. Much of natural found Citrine is made into jewelry, adding to its scarcity.

Today, heat-treated Citrine is an accepted alternative to natural. Natural Citrine is very hard to classify 100%. Natural Citrine is rare and many times can look like smokey quartz, making it even harder to identify correctly. Working with heat-treated Citrine does not weaken the effectiveness of the properties of the stone. When working with any crystal, your intentions are more than half of the process. 

Citrine Crystal

Natural Citrine does not ever need to be cleansed. Natural Citrine vibrates at such a high level that no negative energies can adhere. Heat-treated Citrine should, however, be cleared regularly. Placing your cluster or point under running water or clapping over it with the intent to remove negativity, are the best methods for this stone. Placing heat-treated Citrine or amethyst for that matter in sunlight will fade the color over time, and salt can weaken any stone.

Use Citrine crystals to balance emotions, release negativity, fear, despair, grief, worries, and phobias. Citrine is said to be the Goddess of all the crystals utilized in ancient times as a talisman for an abundantly good life. Citrine is an excellent crystal to work when wanting to manifest something. The Citrine crystals will protect its holder while helping to promote self-discipline. Citrine can attract personal and professional success and help create wealth. Many people put a piece of Citrine in their office, by a checkout counter, or carried close on their person. 

citrine polished crystal

Citrine crystals can clear all the charkas but is most associated with the Solar Plexus or third chakra. Solar Plexus or Manipura means “lustrous gem” in Sanskrit. This description fits Citrine crystals perfectly. Working with Citrine to clear the third chakra will improve self-esteem allowing an individual’s unique power to transform that person.

Wearing Citrine crystals is said to create the most powerful connection. However, it is not recommended to be worn daily, as the acids found in our skin can breakdown the stone’s structure. Wearing Citrine while mediating, during important events, or when you need the occasional self-esteem boost, is excellent. 

Because Citrine carries the power of the sun, it can also influence our lives in the same way. Citrine will give energy, a sense of being, or aliveness, it will energize, provide warmth, and uplift the spirit. Many cultures believe that the sun is a portal, a door to higher realms. Practice working with Citrine to help assist in opening the doorway to a more powerful brighter you.

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