Pamela Colman Smith

Pamela Colman Smith – Queen of the Tarot Cards

I would argue that there are few women in mysticism that have had as big an impact as Pamela Colman Smith.  While the names Dion Fortune and Helena Blavatsky are known for their theoretical and metaphysical contributions to mystical and occult thought, Pamela Colman Smith’s work has been the source of divination and mystical interpretation […]

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​Crystal healing

​Crystals for Healing – Vibrations and the Pineal Gland

Crystal healing is on the rise, along with the popularity of stones. But alternative health treatments are not always popular with medical doctors or scientists. Many of whom refer to ​crystal healing as a pseudoscience. ​ Furthermore, there has never been any scientific evidence found that crystals could be used to benefit your health as

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Introduction to Archangels In the Celestial Hierarchy of Angelology, Archangels are the 8th rank, above Guardian Angels. Information about the Archangels spans through times and cultural histories, which can make it hard to give a description that covers the full spectrum of beliefs about them. The individual Archangels will be explored further in another article

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Beautiful Guardian angel in heaven

Guardian Angels

Introduction This series of articles will explore the 9 classes of angels, according to Christian Angelology. In this article, we will be exploring the base level, Guardian Angels, which have the closest contact to us here on Earth. Then we will move on to the different roles and functions of each category of angels. There

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Islam 101

Islam is a religion that has existed and thrived since it originated in 7th century CE. Today, this religion has about two billion followers and is the second most popular belief system in the world. It is also the youngest of the major religions and has the fastest-growing following. Islam is a religion that guides

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Confucianism 101

Confucianism is a religion that is practiced mostly in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan. They’re 6,000,000 people in the world who have faith in the philosophical and religious beliefs that originated in ancient China. Confucianism is a religion of civility because of the emphasis on morality. Ethics and education intersect within Confucianism with the sole

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