The history of sikh religion began with guru nanak

Sikh History and the Origins of the Sikh Religion

The Sikhs; who are they?  You’ve seen their distinctive, often colorful turbans and long beards.  But what are the origins of the Sikh religion and Sikh history?  There is an ever-increasing number of them migrating away from mother India to Europe, North America, and throughout the entire world.  In all, the Sikhs number about twenty-seven

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Shamanism 101

A shaman is an important member of a tribe or society, performing many roles, including spiritual leader, spirit guide, healer, teacher, and chief. The phenomenon of the ‘shaman’, and the concept of ‘shamanism’, is an intriguing and complex component to the history of humanity, the development of world culture, and the evolution of consciousness. Shamanism

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Principalities Angels

Divine rule, where leadership positions are given based on one having a superior relationship to God, has become an antiquated idea. But wouldn’t you think those in charge of others have unique moral dilemmas at times?  This next tier of angels doesn’t grant power based on one’s divinity, but it does specifically guide those in

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Shintoism 101

Shinto or Shintoism is a polytheistic religion that has existed before the 5th Century in prehistoric Japan. Although it only has five million official followers that claim the religion there are 110 million people in Japan who take part in Shinto based rituals and worship. Shinto has no holy book, no origin story, no organized

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