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Weird can be defined as deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected. There’s no doubt that the world is a very weird and strange place, and sometimes the truth is more mysterious than fiction, and this weird stuff is really odd..[read more]

Weird and strange things go on in the world and pique our interest in the peculiar. Odd can separate one from the ordinary or make one difficult to understand. Odd can also be fun because, at times, the very strange and unusual can be amusing. The difference between bizarre and odd is that it is connected fate, luck, doom, and change.

These are just some of the thousands of strange and wild stories in the world today. Our investigating experts have all of the information you need to keep your world weird, including how best to stay out of paranormal trouble. From ghosts to conspiracy theories, our facts cover it all. Do not miss a single post, or you will be out of your mind. The world can be a very strange place, and you do not want to miss a single weird fact.

What’s the weirdest fact you know of? We bet it’s not as strange as any of these! So, check out incredibly weird but true facts that will shock you! You’ll want to share all these with your friends and family.

Join us as we explore the world of odd things, and perhaps you will discover that you are not that different after all.


Tsuchinoko Real

Tsuchinoko Yokai – Mythical Snake of Japanese Folklore

When you think about Japan, you probably imagine the bustling streets of Tokyo, sushi, and modern technology. However, Japan also has a storied history that spans thousands of years. Much of this history took place in the mountains, valleys, and dense forests of the Japanese countryside. This is where the story of the Tsuchinoko Yokai […]

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