The Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts

bridgewater triangle

Massachusetts is not without its supernatural happenings. We all know about the witch trials on the northern coasts at Salem, which claimed twenty lives. Further south and inland is what is known today as the Bridgewater Triangle. It has become known as a hotbed of supernatural and paranormal happenings.

The events include Bigfoot and Pterodactyl sightings. These related to the ancient and sacred Native American land upon which the triangle sits. These events are worth a more in-depth look.

Why is it Called The Bridgewater Triangle?

The area is called The Bridgewater Triangle because at the center of its 200mi² area is the city of Bridgewater. The north, southeast, and southwest points of the triangle are the cities of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown, respectively. Wompanoag Indians are the native tribe to the region.

Bridgewater Triangle Map
Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, Map provided by Bristol County Media LLC

In fact, it is the Wompanoag tribe that sat with the pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving. The old line about “Native American burial grounds” may actually be coming back to haunt the modern-day residents of the Bridgewater Triangle. Hockomock Swamp is one such location.

Hockomock swamp has a history as a natural fortress the Wompanoag used against English invaders. Translated, it means “the place where spirits dwell.” Spooky stuff. A not uncommon sight to this area is the appearance of thunderbirds. Thunderbirds are flying creatures of Native American folklore. They resemble pterodactyls—large, reptilian flying animals—with wingspans reported up to 12 feet.

As said before, the land was literally used as a Native American burial ground. It is still considered sacred native land. These sightings are, of course, never fully corroborated. Still, the sheer abundance of them and the ancient Native American tales of thunderbirds in the area add to the mystique surrounding the Bridgewater Triangle.  

Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, and Mutilations

Bigfoot sightings abound as well, with the swamp being a common area for sightings. The fact that the Hockomock swamp is continuously saturated with water keeps people from getting too close when they happen to see a Bigfoot from afar. It also is what keeps the Bigfoot relatively safe, hiding in plain sight within what could be argued is the swampiest part of New England.

Hikers Paul Hollow and Christine Vaughn say they saw a Bigfoot about 100 yards away from them the swamp. Paul said, “If it wasn’t a Bigfoot, it was the biggest monkey I’ve ever seen, and as far as I know, there aren’t any monkeys in New England.” Can’t argue with that, Paul.

Christine would add that when they were watching it, it would only walk on two legs and that it had an unusually large head. Either it was a Bigfoot, or it was a ghost of an ancient Native American Bigfoot.

However, the mutilations are what is perhaps most bizarre, and may be linked to occult happenings around the Bridgewater Triangle. There have been multiple cases, going back to the 1980s involving cattle being found butchered, mutilated, drained of their blood, or all three.

For those familiar, cattle mutilations are some of the most compelling evidence for alien contact on Earth. In 1998 a group of calves was found in the woods, butchered and mutilated that police say it was related to cultists and satanist activity. I wouldn’t put it past Massachusetts, you know, witch trials and all that.  

Sphere of Fire

These paranormal sights date back to the colonial era as well2 with a May 10th, 1760 sighting in the town of Bridgewater itself of a great fireball. Residents of the city and the nearby village of Roxbury claim to have seen a great ball of fire (goodness gracious!) in the sky.

It was reported explicitly at the time as a “sphere of fire,” that shone brighter than the sun. This could be connected to potential UFO and alien activity in the area. Or, less likely, with the thunderbirds of Native American legend, who are known to have bright auras surrounding them.

Cautions for The Bridgewater Triangle

Basically, this place ain’t safe, and if you should ever find yourself in Massachusetts, take extra caution to stray far from this tri-cornered portion of the map. You will find Bigfoot, thunderbirds, and possibly mutilated cows. Or you could find a winged Bigfoot that’s been mutilated. If you find that, make sure you call the local newspaper and don’t let it out of your sight.

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