Astral Projection: Traveling The Universe

by Jim Byers
astral projection

A female voice invited me to join them while a male said that “I was not ready”. The voices sounded as though they surrounded me from above, but I could only see blurred, dark forms. They kept talking, but I could barely make sense of their muffled conversation. Although the dark shapes were strange to me, they somehow seemed familiar.

The vibration shook me awake, although my eyes remained closed. My entire body was electrified, buzzing with energy. I could hear voices encouraging me to do something, but I wasn’t quite sure of what.

It felt like my body was rising even though it laid motionless on the couch. Slowly, I realized what was happening. I was having my first out of body experience – or at least trying to experience astral projection. Every time I seemed to be separating from my body, I slid back in: from inexperience and fear. I didn’t know what to expect next.

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Shadow People

Soon, the vibration dissipated, then I opened my eyes and tried to make sense of it all. I had heard about out of body experiences (OBEs) and always wondered if I could ever do it. Between the voices and the sensations, it was clear that I was about to experience astral projection. But who were those dark forms I encountered?

It wasn’t until a year later, when I began my spiritual journey that I was able to dissect and understand what occurred that day. I realized that those dark forms were my spirit guides trying to help me to travel the universe through astral projection. I also learned that this was not my first OBE, nor would it be my last.

OBE’s or How to Travel the Universe Through Astral Projection

Over time, I remembered that I could experience astral projection. It all started following an operation 15 years ago. After falling into a deep, relaxing sleep from the anesthesia in the operating room, my first memory was seeing myself lying in the hospital bed. The view was from high in the corner of the room.

The hospital room is where I saw myself in bed, and my mother was sitting beside me. The vision lasted a brief moment before I slowly awoke, groggy from the anesthesia. I had repressed that memory for so long. For some reason, I recalled the experience, and it was like it had been waiting for me to remember it.

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I tried to recall more moments of astral projection. I remembered several instances over the years, which I previously considered dreams, but now they seemed more like OBEs. OBE’s commonly occurred in the mornings when I was awoken by an alarm clock to start my daily routine: rising from bed, bathing, and dressing. Brushing my teeth, opening drawers for clothes, and walking around all seemed reasonable.

But when I was ready to walk out the door to drive to work, I found myself still lying in bed unbathed, unshaved, and even dressed in pajamas. It was especially frustrating when I was running late.

The Beginning of Astral Projection

Once I began my spiritual journey, astral projection became more frequent. Maybe I was just more aware of astral projection. They usually happened while I slept. Some experiences included meetings with my spirit guides, where they explained the process of reincarnation and the purpose of life.

When I do astral projection now, I can tell when I have gone but not always remember the lessons I learned during the trip. Unlike my “first” OBE, I am now more comfortable with the process enough that I playfully try to jar myself out of sleep by popping back into my body.

Meditation and Past Regression

Astral projection doesn’t just happen during sleep, and it also occurs when we meditate — visiting fictional or real places to meet with our guides and spirits. A meditational vision can turn into an out of body experience by clearing the mind to achieve ultimate relaxation and openness.

Astral Projection
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Past life regression can be considered a form of projection because we are voyaging to a different time and place. People are guided into a calm, hypnotic state (like sleep or meditation) for them to visit a former self. Facilitators encourage clients to leave their bodies behind during astral projection.

This state is where we meet with their spirit guides before they go. During my regressions, my point of view was through the eyes of others, and I experienced their lives gazing upon grand structures and the faces of loved ones. I heard doors creak and the subtle whistle of a gentle breeze felt the warmth of the Mediterranean sun,  and my footsteps along a cobblestone road. I felt real emotions. At the end of each session, the facilitator guided me back into my body.

Astral Projection is Easy

Astral projection is relatively the same, but the way people practice it does differ. While some can quickly leave the body, others may need guidance through meditation to do so. It may take experimenting with different ways to travel the universe through astral projection before they discover which method works best for them.

Doorway opens to space
Doorway opens to space

And it may take practice to learn how to remember what we encountered during a trip. The memories of projections can be hard to recall because they might be part of a night’s sleep intertwined with several dreams or regression of multiple lives.

Step to Travel the Universe Through Astral Projection

The first and simplest step to astral projection is dispelling the myths. Some people are afraid that they might not be able to reenter their bodies after leaving it. Others worry about someone or something else entering and possessing their body while they are out projecting. Then there’s the fear of getting lost as well as death.

None of this is true, but if you need assurance, make sure to surround yourself with a white light of protection and call upon your guides or archangels for safe passage through astral projection.

A meditational vision can turn into an out of body experience by clearing the mind to achieve ultimate relaxation and openness. And it’s always better when you have a good, meaningful intention in mind before you start astral projection. Remember, it does not always have to be serious, you can have fun, but the ultimate goal is to achieve enlightenment.

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