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About Global Bizarre

by Lori Bogedin

Global Bizarre hopes that getting down and dirty with abstract concepts such as being, knowing, cause, identity, time, space, health, philosophy, religion, the paranormal, mysticism, ESP, dreamwork, astrology, meditation, positive thinking, life after death, transcendentalism, reincarnation, food, fun, travel… (wiping brow)…and just some super fantastic things to learn about our world.

Global Bizarre askes the hard questions. What is our place in the cosmos? What do we actually know about the world around us? Is life as we understand it only what we see? Or is there more? In trying to explain the mysterious and unsolved riddles that still exist in our reality, we need to realize that truth and knowledge exist if we are willing to open our minds to other possibilities.

At Global Bizarre, we feel that we don’t always have to agree, but we do have to explore, search, and understand that there are things that we cannot comprehend. Do we rearrange our conception of the world to accommodate a more comfortable picture of reality?