25 Real-Life Examples of Manifestations That Genuinely Work

The power of manifestation has been a much-talked-about topic in the spiritual world, and many people have reported examples of manifesting success. Our thoughts and beliefs have the power to change our lives, but how do we begin to use this to bring our dreams to reality? 

Read on to discover what manifestation is, how it can benefit your life, and the best manifestation examples to get you started. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is about intentionally bringing your thoughts, feelings and desires to reality. This means focusing our attention on cultivating positive energy around the things we want to create in our dream life whilst also taking action towards our desired outcome. 

Manifestation is linked to the laws of attraction, which says that like attracts like. So, in this case, having positive thoughts will attract more of the positive experiences we desire. 

Manifestation is a helpful tool for goal-setting, helping us to become clear on what we want. A good manifestation example might be someone using manifestation affirmations to bring their dream job to reality. 

Whether you’re looking to manifest abundance or want help achieving your goals, introducing a manifestation practice into your life can be a useful tool to help you manifest your desires. 

How do you manifest?

Many different manifestation techniques have helped people to co-create their dream life. The key is understanding that it’s not enough just to use positive thoughts to bring our desires to life; we must also commit to acting towards our dreams. 

By making this commitment, you’ll connect with your consciousness and begin to open up new possibilities within your life.

 If you’re ready to start manifesting, then here is how to begin: 

Get clear on what you want

Make a plan and set your intentions to attract everything you desire.

Ask the Universe

When we ask for help, the Universe will respond with the same positive vibrations.

Affirm your intentions

Words are energetically powerful, so use them to bring your desires to life. Positive affirmations are an essential part of the manifesting process, and these positive statements can help us to focus on what we are trying to bring into our lives. Affirmations should be said in the present tense, e.g. ‘I have…’ or ‘I am…’, so our subconscious mind believes this to be already true. 

Practise manifest journaling

This helps to focus the mind and commit your intentions to paper. Include affirmations and prompts to increase the positive energy around your intentions, and write as if they’re already yours.

Use visualisation

Spend time visualising already having your desires. Meditation is an excellent tool for this and can also help with focus. In this blog, you can look deeper at how meditation helps us connect with our higher consciousness

Believe that it is already yours

Once you have asked, release all doubt around whether you will receive the things you are asking for. Keep focused on the above manifestation methods, and know that the Universe will respond to your desires.

Practice gratitude

Keeping your energy and vibration in the right place is important, so practise gratitude for everything you already have. Thank the Universe for your future reality as if it has already occurred. 

Whichever of the manifestation methods you decide to try, remember that however much effort you put into developing your mindset, it’s important to take intentional action towards your dreams and desires too. 

Examples of manifestations

Whether you are interested in money affirmations or love manifestation affirmations, here are some of the best and most powerful manifestation affirmations to help you bring your dreams and desires to reality:

  1. I am creative and resourceful
  2. I deserve love and happiness
  3. I am courageous
  4. I am in charge of my life
  5. I am a powerful being
  6. I can handle anything
  7. I am aligned with my dreams and desires
  8. I surround myself with positivity
  9. I am present
  10. I trust in my life path
  11. I am open to receiving abundance
  12. I am excited about today
  13. I am enough
  14. I am positive energy
  15. I choose to take steps towards my dreams
  16. I am abundant
  17. My work is purposeful and fulfilling
  18. I am a powerful creator
  19. I am led by love and joy
  20. Abundance flows to me
  21. I am strong
  22. I live my life with ease and flow
  23. Everything I desire is already mine
  24. My heart is open
  25. Everything is possible for me

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